<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/21/71/28/03/190102023550.jpg?t=1568790596"><br>This is a spacious home, with more storage room than anyone needs. It is craftsman-built, with sturdy construction and beautiful millwork trim. It has been cared for with love, and it needs no repairs or upgrades. The finished basement, with its high ceilings, feels like a main level floor. It is perfect for an in-law suite. The garage and driveway are spacious, with enough room to turn around without backing into the street. Listen to a Koi pond waterfall from your screened-in porch or relax on your deck with its awning. Both overlook a private wooded setting and small creek that secludes the back of your home. There is a beautiful flat area in the backyard perfect for cookouts.<br>